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I have been a crafter of all sorts for many years, and really love working with Paper and Threads. I am loving the design work I am doing now. I really seem to be getting back into my "art", even if I am doing it by computer now, instead of actually getting dirty while drawing. ;-) I have been avid about Thread Arts since I was a kid, learning to Crochet at 7, then Knit, Embroider, Needle Lace and finally Needle Tat. I love to design as well and am looking forward to taking the Needle Tatting that further step as well.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Well, it took longer than I like to spend on a bookmark, but the last one is finished!  Now to make sure everything is all packed up, ready to load tonight so I am ready to be at the show for the 7:30am setup. :-O
I'll be sure to take my camera with me (with fresh batteries!) so I can take photos of my setup at the beginning of the show.


  1. I'm so impressed with your inventory - a lot of variety, and attractive and appealing items! Apparently weather isn't a problem where you are.? I would have difficulty with being there at 7:30 am! I'm lucky I can set up the day before for most of our events -or sometimes they don't start until Noon. Good luck! You have put in a lot of work!

    1. Kathy, it is colder than heck here right now, but this show is part of a Winter Fest where there is Ice Fishing and Snowmobile Races outside in the freezing snow! With all of my small stuff, even if I could set up the night before, I wouldn't. Set up for this show starts at 7:30am, but the show doesn't start until 9am (closing at 3pm), but since I have almost 3 times what I've taken before, I am going to need the WHOLE set up time I'm afraid...lol

  2. You've done so much work, I hope the show goes really well for you!

  3. Just looking at all the amazing things you have tatted!!! Love all the bookmarks and earrings!!! :)