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I have been a crafter of all sorts for many years, and really love working with Paper and Threads. I am loving the design work I am doing now. I really seem to be getting back into my "art", even if I am doing it by computer now, instead of actually getting dirty while drawing. ;-) I have been avid about Thread Arts since I was a kid, learning to Crochet at 7, then Knit, Embroider, Needle Lace and finally Needle Tat. I love to design as well and am looking forward to taking the Needle Tatting that further step as well.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Snowflake of the Year

Yeup, you read right.  This is the first Snowflake of the year...lol  Since I am doing the Farmers Market and my tatting is selling quite well I've started making Christmas ornaments.  Not only will I be doing the Market each Saturday until mid December, I have a Craft Show coming up on the first Saturday in December.  I'm still planning on doing this show as I have done it now for about 17 years.  So that means really getting my b*** in gear...lol

Anyways, here is the snowflake.  I have tatted this with a single strand of DMC Light Effects Embroidery Floss - White and a size 8 tatting needle.

This next one is a Tatted Christmas Tree that can be found on BeStitched.  This was tatted with size 80 thread and done with the shuttle.  I filled this shuttle (a Clover) with the thread and I want to see how many of these trees I can get with one shuttle full.  So far I have 2 done...I keep getting side tracked...lol

I sprayed the tree with a bit of Glimmer Mist (designed for cardmaking and scrapbooking) and stiffened it with hairspray.  I'm not all that impressed with how stiff it is with the hairspray so I am working on stiffening both of these with Clear Acrylic Spray Paint.  As soon as I get a few pennies together though I'm going to purchase THIS and see how well it works.


  1. both are beautiful, I love the effects of the green spray :) I use watered down elmers to stiffen mine, I get the motifs wet in that and then pin them out, they are not so stiff they don't move, yet they are nice and beautiful on the tree. you don't see the glue at all, it isn't showing in any way, it doesn't smell, it isn't expensive etc. if I have to wash the pieces, I can easily use soap and water and re pin them.

    I really like both of your pieces, the snowflake is really intricate, but the tree is my favorite with the touch of green.

  2. Hi Bri, sorry for the confussion. The thread for the tree was a variegate of green and white. The spray I used on it just made it glimmer very nicely but doesn't show up in the pic. I have used the glue for years but don't like the sticky mess of using it. I'm looking for something that will stiffen without all that hassle.

  3. Hiya Carol! Glad to hear that you are doing so well at the Farmer's Market...YAY!!! How much would you charge an (old) friend, seeing as that I AM 40 now...for that snowflake? :)

  4. Hi Carol,
    I use Beacon's Stiffen Stuff. It comes in a pump spray bottle. Just pin the piece out and spray. One word of advice, be sure to clean the pump after using. I didn't and it ceased up on me.

  5. Hi Carol,
    In my message about Beacon's Stiffen Stuff, I forgot to mention that I dampen the pieces before I pin them out and spray them.