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I have been a crafter of all sorts for many years, and really love working with Paper and Threads. I am loving the design work I am doing now. I really seem to be getting back into my "art", even if I am doing it by computer now, instead of actually getting dirty while drawing. ;-) I have been avid about Thread Arts since I was a kid, learning to Crochet at 7, then Knit, Embroider, Needle Lace and finally Needle Tat. I love to design as well and am looking forward to taking the Needle Tatting that further step as well.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lots of Earrings Made!

Well, coming up on the Christmas Season for the Farmers Market I bought a brand new earring display, then had to fill it with earrings.  We were off the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I had 2 weeks to get all the earrings done that I wanted to.
Here is the display all filled up.
Here is a better picture of all the earrings.

The only ones here that are not on the display when I took the photo are the Christmas Trees.  Most of these earrings are now available on my blog store.
Even though the Market will be open one more week I will not be going.  It is just TOO cold!  Even with all the layers of denim and flannel I had on last Saturday I like to froze!  Not very many people came either.  Funny thing is that 3 people came who had never been to the Market and didn't even know we were there even with all the advertising we do and all the signs at the gate and along the road...gotta wonder about some people...lol

I have posted all the new Christmas ornaments on my store too but I really want to show you this snowflake that I test tatted for Frivole (from InTatters).
Criss-Cross Crystal Snowflake
I tatted this one according to the pattern but the next one I just couldn't resist adding beads.
Criss-Cross Crystal  Snowflake with Bugle Beads
Believe it or not, this one is exactly the same stitch count as the first one.  The only difference is that the picots are longer to accomodate the bugle beads.  For any interested in the pattern, Frivole has posted it for sale on her Etsy Shop.   I tatted both these snowflakes with Lizbeth Niagra Falls size 20 thead.  I just had to order me some Blue Ice that should be here soon to do better justice to the snowflake patterns that Frivole is coming up with.