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I have been a crafter of all sorts for many years, and really love working with Paper and Threads. I am loving the design work I am doing now. I really seem to be getting back into my "art", even if I am doing it by computer now, instead of actually getting dirty while drawing. ;-) I have been avid about Thread Arts since I was a kid, learning to Crochet at 7, then Knit, Embroider, Needle Lace and finally Needle Tat. I love to design as well and am looking forward to taking the Needle Tatting that further step as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still Very Busy...sigh

I'm sure you are all wondering where I have been lately.  Well, truth to tell, I've been VERY busy with the local Farmers Market which is *planning* on staying open until mid December (weather permitting and we don't get a lot of snow)  Not only am I taking my tatted jewelry to the Market, I've been taking all of the cards I have made, the bags that I have made and I have been baking like a silly fool every week and taking cookies galore!  This week I had a new cookie plus 3 batches of fresh (home made) bagels and 2 batches of scones! :-O  I won't be making cookies this week but I will be making more bagels and scones to take as they sold realllly well.  The following week I start making Christmas cookies to take to the Market...yes, it is getting close isn't it?

This week I also started taking Christmas ornaments that I have been making.  These two baubles are my first baubles, but I'm sure more will follow.

This first one is made with the pattern Tat A Winter Star, done in size 20 Lizbeth thread.  In addition to the pattern I added a ring of 6-6 with an iridescent dagger bead dangling form the picot.  I attached it to the longest picot of each "arm" with silver jump rings.   I draped it over a plastic bauble using small drops of Liquid Fusion on the under side (at the junction on the clover) to keep it in place.
Tat a Winter Star on a Bauble
This next bauble is the Windows & Wheels Ornament, done in size 20 Lizbeth.  To make the glass ball glitter, I poured a little bit of floor wax inside the bauble, swirled it all around then dumped out the extra and sprinkled in two different sizes (large and micro fine) iridescent glitter.  Swirled that around then dumped out any extra there and let dry.

I was asked at the Market if I could make the above snowflake on a glass ball like the one below.  So now I need to make it to a store and get some more glass balls (this one was my last...sigh) and make some more baubles. 
Windows & Wheels Ornament
I REALLY like the way this looked as I was tatting it and thought it would make a GREAT necklace!  I'm adding a bead to the center of the center ring, seed beads to the 4 picots on the bottom of the outside ring and a dagger bead dangling from the picot of the bottom ring (the pattern is doubled for the bauble).  I have it started, using size 20 Lizbeth in color # 158 (Niagra Falls) with the center bead matching exactly the darkest of the aqua/turqouise colors and copper seed beads and dagger bead.  I will be sure to post a picture of it when I get it finished.